I have a few questions about formatting...perhaps there are easy answers, or the latest version corrects them.

  1. How do I make block text? You know when you insert a quote over over 40 words, you have to set it off in the text. I tried to Duplicate the Body Text style, but I can only adjust the First Line Indent, but not the paragraph itself.

  2. In creating the new style (mentioned above), there is no way to delete it, and suddenly it's become the new default style! How do I manage these text styles, and how do I set a default style for body text?

  3. Minor annoyance: When selecting text, I cannot select text with the mouse and shift key, I can only do that within a paragraph. If I want to select several sections, I have to use the mouse to select the text, and if runs several pages, sometimes the mouse "slips" and I lose my highlighting, something I avoid in other apps when I select text with the mouse and the shift key.

  4. Is there a way to have Manuscripts "remember" the screen dimensions that I give it when working in a document? I stretch the app to the way I'd like it, but when I close it, Manuscripts defaults to a smaller size each time.

  5. Bug, that may be fixed in latest beta: When I add a section/subsection, all my text disappears and I have to close the document and reopen it to get it back. (and this leads to problem number 4 above where I have to resize the app each time).

  6. I tried to move sections in the side panel to between paragraphs, but I could not do so. They won't move. I have to cut and paste in the main screen.