I continue to have ongoing frustrations using a keyboard and/or trackpad/mouse with Manuscripts. I continue to feel as though Manuscripts is hampering my ability to input text quickly. Here are some things that I would expect just to work ...

  • I cannot select an entire title of a section heading to change it
  • I cannot delete a paragraph by selecting it and typing delete (or better ... command delete)
  • I cannot type a return and a tab key to start a sub-section
  • I cannot end/exit a list by typing two sequential return keys (to start a new paragraph)

Also, the constant "clattering" appearance of pop-up adornments to the left of a paragraph as a way to add/delete/manipulate text is ... annoying. I would wish these could all be turned off so that I can just use my keyboard input to get my document written.

Here is a challenge from this thought:

  • Imagine you have ABSOLUTELY NO MOUSE INPUT and have to write something effectively in Manuscripts. You have ONLY the keyboard. You have little to no interest in formatting things to typesetting standards. You only want to write a document.

--> Make Manuscripts work well entirely with this approach in mind.

By analogy, make Manuscripts work as though it is a high-performance VI or EMACS editor.

At this point, I can mostly do a more effective job with TextWrangler (and crude outlining efforts and/or multi-markdown) than I can with Manuscripts to get my ideas written on paper.