Really enjoy the look and feel of Manuscripts, but I'm wondering about two issues:

(1) how can I control the spacing between consecutive equations on multiple lines? To my eye, if you insert two or more equations consecutively, they appear slightly crowded given that the math characters and expressions may not fit neatly within the default line spacing. Is this something you are planning to improve in a future release?

(2) table formatting and creation is a bit of a chore, especially for larger tables. Could you consider an option of allowing some kind of "text to table" command (a la Word), so that a basic table would be constructed that could then be edited and further formatted? Barring that, how about enabling a dialog from which the user could initially choose the table size (rows x columns)?

(3) Also on table formatting, how do I change the alignment of entries within the columns from the default left-justified? Have not successfully figured out how to do this using the formatting inspector pane. More flexible table formatting options would be a great help and improvement to the app.

Thanks for your kind consideration!