Like all other students and individuals associated with research, students and professional belong to the subject of political sciences also require a suitable referencing system of credit sources they use for their research documents. Being a different area of study as compared to science and literature, Political science essays require some kind of unique citation style. A format that cite a source without interrupting readers and without increasing the length of sentences after adding in-text sources.

Cambridge referencing style possess all the features to become the best choice to cite sources in political science essays and documents. This system also has two major components: in-text citations and reference list.

In-text citations involve presenting author surname, publication date and page number. In a case of several writers use et al. Also avoid using bid with author date system and “ed “in the reference of an edited work.

Unlike to other citation styles, Cambridge referencing system also allows adding sources in the end, which author find useful for readers but haven’t used them in the content. To accommodate two kinds of sources, reference section is subdivided into two section reference section and Bibliography section. The reference section essentially contains in-text citations, whereas bibliography section possesses contain additional sources that are not directly cited in the content. Sources are added in alphabetical order. In the case of multi author volumes, short title system is used. In-text sources are given with superscript numbers and added at the end of the same sentence where the source is used. Further details of the sources are given at the end in the reference list.

In addition to political science, Cambridge citation generator can also be used for other subjects like science and physics. However, students are required to confirm their teachers before using it to cite sources.

What is your area of study? Have you ever made academic document and cite sources in specific format? Share with us.