Hello mates!

First of all, a big thumbs up for bringing us Manuscripts! Given that
this is a brand new, version 1.0 software, I have to say it looks pretty
impressive! :-)

I would strongly disagree with options expressed in other posts, that it
is a premature or beta version. I’d say that it is a rather stable
version one, with a number of features and options that should (and
probably will) be included and sorted out in future updates. My guess is
that by version 2.0, it will have reached maturity.

Now, I’ve been using Scrivener for a number of years as my main writing
instrument. I believe that Manuscripts gets a (big) plus for being
really clean, straightforward and to the (academic) point. I truly love
your - less is more - interface, which by removing all these
distractions, helps you indeed to stay focused.

However, there are a few features that I would really like to see,
before making my transition to Manuscripts.

a) Split view. That’s THE main feature I’d like to see. For me, the way
Scrivener implements the split view is a killer feature. The way you can
see and work at two text documents at once helps tremendously in my

b ) Notes / Comments / Footnotes. You mentioned in another post that you
are working on them, so nothing to add here.

c) Table of contents. Same thing as above.

d) In the Inspector, style tab, under paragraph style/ style, i think
you forgot to include an option for underline! :-) Bold and italic are
there, but the option for underline is missing!

e) An option to copy / paste the formating style. I think I haven’t seen
this around, unless I haven’t spotted it yet.

f) I think there is a time lag when you copy/cut - paste a piece of
text. I think cut takes about 2-3 seconds (too long).

Summing up, I have bought the software because I really wanted to
support you guys at this early stage. But to be honest, I will keep on
using Scrivener until Manuscripts reaches a more mature version. This is
not to say that it isn’t good as it is. It just misses a few features
that are critical for me. As soon as these features are there, I will
probably prefer it to Scrivener.

Furthermore, I’m definitely looking forward for an iPad version. That
would be an ecosystem that would be hard to beat!

So, thumbs up for your excellent work, and I hope Manuscripts will reach
its full potential!