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    I mean the document, what email address ?

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    I was sending the reports every time the app crashed, you should have at least 10 - 20 in the last 7-1o days.
    Where do you want this sent ?

    Grzegorz Halena

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    Guys, I have been trying to write a paper for a couple of days now. Manuscript has become totally unstable.

    1. Crashes when I try to reorder paragraphs and sections
    2. Crashes when I try to delete footnotes
    3. Crashes when I am trying to paste a sentence / title of a paper from pubmed
    4. Crashes when I totally removed any formatting from the above and tried to paste it
    5. Could not reorder figure panel (slightly better with 1.054, but not perfect)
    6. Now there is only outline visible, not text in the main window
    7. I was inserting citations without problems, now revising the text I can not insert new ones with Papers. Simply nothing happens.
    8. The app restarts 20 times a day
    9. I am downloading a new, updated version every couple of days, it is not getting worse.
    10. I don't know if I can finish the paper, I am going back to Scrivener

    I agree with that better tables, annotations etc are important. But for now I am waiting for a stable version 1.1
    .I can wait for all the fancy stuff a couple of months, I don't mind.
    For now I need a stable app, which is not right now.
    Please do something, Manuscripts is worth it

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    Is there any chance of getting a discount for an academic teacher ?
    I'm ready to give this app a try, I am tired of waiting for Scrivener for iPad.
    You might be faster with iOS counterpart. The Manuscripts looks promising, maybe I will transition my academic work to your app. I already looks good for 1.0 version.
    Are you planning this to be compatible with (another promising academic app btw)?

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