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    Hi team,

    I have managed to complete my first manuscript on your app but struggle greatly to export it in a meaningful fashion:

    1. Export to PDF: Nice & quick, but does not respect e.g. pagebreaks
    2. Export to Word: All 2x1 figure panels are missing, format is different, table of contents missing
    3. Export to PDF via LaTex: Aborts with an error message. When checking the console, this is what happens:

    Error occurred during compilation: Error Domain=MPPressRoomErrorDomain Code=2 "Failed to export manuscript to PDF" UserInfo={NSUnderlyingError=0x600004e44230 {Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=2 "No such file or directory" UserInfo={NSURL=file:///Users/tomkaier/Library/Application%20Scripts/com.manuscripts.Manuscripts/, NSLocalizedFailureReason=Script task exited with status 1}}, NSLocalizedDescription=Failed to export manuscript to PDF, NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion=See failure reason either from the PDF export transcript in Manuscripts, or /Applications/Utilities/

    Please contact if the issue persists. Consider also attaching the manuscript which leads into this issue occurring., NSLocalizedFailureReason=Failed to export manuscript to PDF using LaTeX}

    So what does that mean then?

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