Create a figure panel

The basic workflow with adding figure panels into your document in Manuscripts involves first placing a figure placeholder into your document (which you can caption at this stage), and then adding an image as a second step.

Importing manuscript content including images is another option, i.e. File > Import > Content, that is not discussed below separately.

Creating an empty figure panel

There are three different ways to create an empty figure. Each one of them requires you to first place the text insertion cursor next to the spot where you want to insert the figure. After that, you can either:

  1. Click the figure symbol in the toolbar: Insert Figure
  2. Use the menu item Insert > Figure in the main menu.
  3. You can use the smart gutter menu to the left of the paragraph that is in focus, before or after which you intend to add the figure. Click on the blue + symbol in it, and choose “Insert Figure”. Smart gutter menu

The figure placeholder you create will look something like the following:

"Empty figure panel"

Adding images to a figure panel

You can add images to a figure panel in three ways, starting from an empty placeholder image.

  1. By dragging and dropping into the figure + symbol.
  2. By clicking the figure + symbol and choosing Choose File to Import…
  3. By clicking the figure + symbol and choosing amongst orphaned figures in the manuscript in case you have previously added and then removed figures (orphaned figure images can be removed permanently by right clicking the figure in the list of orphaned figures, and choosing Delete).

To replace a figure, simply either:

  1. Drag an image on top of the image you wish to replace.
  2. Alternatively, click on the image and drag in the popover that opens, or again Choose File to Import….

Creating a multi-panel figure

You can create a multi-panel figure in Manuscripts simply by .

Change figure layout

Figure file formats

Manuscripts deals with image data in a non-destructive way always, in the sense for instance that the figure panel images all internally still store the original full sized image even if any panel members need to be scaled. Similarly, we keep vector formatted graphics in their original form and only rasterise them to bitmap images on export, if that is required (see below).

Some manuscript export formats have specific restrictions on the format in which you need to store your images. We don’t want you to have to worry about that aspect of image data any more than where the images reside on your disk. Manuscripts handles that for you transparently: the export format, and even in fact the manuscript templates define rules for formatting and exporting of figures, and those are then automatically followed on export.