Insert citation with the built-in citation tool

If you want to use an external citation tool with Manuscripts, our recommended reference managers to use together with Manuscripts are Papers and Bookends. Papers includes a citation tool Magic Citations, which works beautifully with our app, and Bookends similarly has direct support for inserting citations into Manuscripts.

However, Papers and Bookends are just some options available to you amongst other reference management tools like Zotero, Mendeley, EndNote, etc. You can use any of these tools together with Manuscripts because Manuscripts itself includes a super easy to use citation tool that allows you to cite papers without requiring to interact directly with an external reference manager.

This is what the Manuscripts citation tool looks like:

Internal citation tool screenshot

Importing bibliography data into Manuscripts

We support importing references from all the major reference file formats (Endnote XML, RIS, BibTeX and more). To insert references, either

  1. Choose File > Open in the main menu to open a bibliography file.
  2. Choose File > Import in the main menu to import bibliography data into your currently open manuscript.
  3. Drag a bibliography file into the Manuscripts dock icon.

Configuring a citation keyboard shortcut

You can configure the keyboard shortcut to use for the internal citation tool with the option available at Preferences > Editing > Citation Shortcut:

Preferences > Editing