Import bibliography data from a reference manager library

Manuscripts allows you to work with practically all reference managers out there. In case of our recommended reference managers Bookends, Papers and F1000 Workspace, the reference manager itself allows insertion of citations directly into Manuscripts.

In addition, you can import your reference library with a single menu item click from any of the following the following reference managers:

  1. Choose File > Import > Bibliography Data…, then click “Import … Library”.
  2. Keep it up to date later by choosing File > Import > Bibliography Data… > Repeat Last Import (⇧⌘R).

Import Bibliography Data

Citing from other reference managers

You can also use Manuscripts with any reference manager not listed above which supports exporting data to standard bibliography data formats.

You can import your bibliography data from a file, such as a BibTeX, BibLaTeX, RIS, EndNote XML, Citeproc JSON, MODS data file using the menu item File > Import > Bibliography Data… > From File….