Creating a paragraph style (e.q. for block level quotes)

Thanks Matias. I was trying to do exactly that: create a style for Quote paragraphs. I followed your steps, but I think that your are missing one in your example. Between steps 3 and 4, can you please tell us how to modify the "Quote" style to actually indent the text?
I tried to do it myself, without success.

Thanks in advance,


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Text vanishes from the app

@tatialmeida that sounds really strange. Which version are you using? If this happens again, could you check what you see in /Applications/Utilities/ when you filter for messages that note the word "Manuscripts", and send that output to us via, please? What this sounds like is the editor is getting tripped up refreshing (no data is lost).

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Bibliography formatting incorrect.

@shazoom to update you, the 1.2.0 series is now in beta indeed and this issue has been resolved in it.

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