What to do if I made a purchase but never received my license code?

If you have made a purchase but never received your license code, most likely the email with the license code either has got stuck in spam, or more likely, there was a typo in the email address you entered when making the purchase.

The fastest way to recover your license code is emailing help+manuscripts@paddle.com (the purchasing support for our payment and licensing provider Paddle) from the email address you'd like associated with your purchase, forwarding either the PayPal payment receipt for your purchase, or the last four digits of the card you used when making the purchase.

Thank you for supporting our work with your purchase!

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In-text citation issues

@JohnAtl thanks for pointing this out – I believe I have addressed this for the next update and indeed removed the bolding from the references when "Show citations as highlighted tokens when editing." is toggled off.

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My coumputer has been having troubles lately and I've been crossing all my fingers each time hopping the hard drive didn't need to be erased (time machine is not always up to date). This has been making me wonder, is there anyway to move the manuscripts folder to icloud or dropbox? Instead of being hidden in the library.


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