Adding to and editing multiple citations

@bbud02 this is a bit more fiddly than it should be and we should probably add a context menu item for "Add a Citation" to make this easier, but placing the caret literally right next to the existing citation should do it. To rule out document (citation style) specific issues with this working (it's remotely possible because the application has to "search for" a nearby citation), would you mind sending us the document referring to this discussion where this is failing, please?

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Problem Opening Exported Word Document

@Timothy-Morgan Can I attache a picture of the error? I didn't see that feature. Also, I think it's related to the table. I was able to open the document with Pages on my Mac, but the table was all scrambled. Any help on how to resolve this issue?

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import Markdown with mathjax equation

OK! so the app can import from a md file with piles of math inlines and blocks. What does the app support for recognizing math? $..$ and $..$ are not supported, but what else? ( ) ?

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