What to do if I made a purchase but never received my license code?

If you have made a purchase but never received your license code, most likely the email with the license code either has got stuck in spam, or more likely, there was a typo in the email address you entered when making the purchase.

The fastest way to recover your license code is emailing help+manuscripts@paddle.com (the purchasing support for our payment and licensing provider Paddle) from the email address you'd like associated with your purchase, forwarding either the PayPal payment receipt for your purchase, or the last four digits of the card you used when making the purchase.

Thank you for supporting our work with your purchase!

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copy and paste a symbol


I found out that these is whole separate menu of symbols (it's really the emoticon menu but with basic greek symbols in there too). If you go ctrl+cmd+space you get a pop up window. I choose the greek sign for 'mu' or 'micro' and then this sign can be copy and pasted like a normal letter.

hope this helps!

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Citations, copy and paste

New user here and I am having this same problem, It is very frustrating. Particularly when editing and reorganizing large sections.

However, you can still click in the outline and drag paragraphs to other sections and that at least preserves citations. The copy/cut and paste needs to be fixed tho.

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