We want you to make magic happen with this app, and that requires amongst other things us making the app as stable as we can, and us providing you with the best support we can when issues do happen.

Stability and support are something we can accomplish best given OSX 10.10 as a minimum requirement: OS versions older than 10.10 would introduce several kinds of risks for undetected and hard to troubleshoot problems with this app, and we simply do not want to expose our users to situations where we cannot effectively help. Manuscripts also uses certain technologies which rely on 10.10 and later, and want to be able to provide our users more such exciting features after the 1.0 launch. For these reasons…

  1. We do not, and are unlikely to, support OSX 10.9 with Manuscripts.
  2. We intend to stick to OSX 10.10 as a minimum for Manuscripts 1.x.