I imported a LaTeX file of a paper I was working on into Manuscripts and it did a reasonably good job of importing all the text and sections correctly. However the equations, whilst they appear to be present, are not visible. Inline equations (written as $...$ in the LaTeX file) don't display at all, but the cursor stops whilst moving over them, suggesting that there is something there.

Non-inline equations display as 'Click to edit equation' in italics, and when I do this the LaTeX markup for the equation from the LaTex file appears. If I edit the markup in some way, the equation is then displayed. Is there some way to prompt Manuscripts to display all of the equations, without opening each manually?

If I export the file from Manuscripts as PDF via LaTeX, all of the equations appear, both inline and non-inline, but using the non-LaTeX PDF export, only equations I have edited appear and none of the inline equations.

Possibly there is something simple I am missing but I looked through all of the menus and couldn't find anything!